My Kid Doesn't Like To Read

My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read! What do I do?

My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read! What Do I Do?

Author Jen Dial Explains

It’s every parents dream to sit and read a book to their child, especially at bedtime.  You envision snuggling with your child under their grandma’s cozy quilt reading a book together before they fall asleep and then quietly stepping out as they dream about their rainbows and puppy dogs.  However, real life doesn’t always work out that way.
You’ve just finished dinner and are trying to round up multiple children to get them bathed and dressed for bed.  You’ve gotten the little ones finally to bed but your oldest, the six year old, has decided that he isn’t going to comply and adamantly refuses to cooperate with bedtime.  Even though you know he’s not a reader,  you try to entice him by saying that if he gets ready for bed, you will read a story with him.  He loudly announces that he hates to read and that he doesn’t care if he gets a story before bedtime, he isn’t going to sleep.  Ever!  Besides calling for The Nanny, what does a tired parent do? If you keep wondering why and saying My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read, then read on to learn how things can change for the better.
My Kid Doesn't Like To Read

What To Do Your Kid Doesn’t Like To Read

The Adventures of Jack and Milo

This is a scenario that plays out in many households in this country.  Why do some children not like to read or be read to?  It seems that their interests may lie in more active play or participating in video or visual entertainment, or is it because they just haven’t been given books or reading material that are of interest to them.  When a child is small, their focus gravitates to colors, patterns and shapes.  Many baby books have textures in their pages as well so when baby touches the book, they can feel what the picture depicts.  For instance, they see a sheep and it’s made out of a cottony fabric so the baby experiences not only what a sheep looks like, but feels like too, so they are learning the basics of reading words and using their other senses to understand that animal in as many ways as possible. Many parents complain saying My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read, however answers are better than questions left unsolved.
But a child grows up, their need for understanding the subject matter changes as does their interests.  They are being introduced to many different experiences and environments that pull them away from reading which they may find boring or non-challenging to other activities which they have more fun with.  Games and sports and movies are experiences and they usually involve a group whereas reading a book is usually an individual pursuit and inclined to be overlooked as an enjoyable activity.  They naturally will want to go where their interests are and leave aside something that they don’t think is much fun.
My Kid Doesn't Like To Read
So how do you balance a baseball game, a ballet lesson or a pizza party with a book?  This is where the fun comes in!  When your child starts to show an interest in an activity, no matter what that activity is, there’s always going to be a book that can go with it.  If your son or daughter plays sports, find a story about a famous sports player or a book about the game’s statistics.  Every activity alive has a book to go with it.  Biographies of their favorite actor, magazines that tell the history of a person that they look up to, or the next time you visit a historical site with them, go into the gift shop and let them pick out a volume that tells the story of that famous place.  Never miss an opportunity to find information or fun facts about whatever activity your child has an interest in.  Then let them bring that book to the dinner table and your whole family can discuss the event and the book together.  Let them point out facts and features even if you already know them.  Help them to search for answers by asking them questions about what you saw or know about a certain topic and see if they can find the answers themselves.  Each child should have an opportunity to bring their favorite topic book to the family and this way the whole family has a chance to not only learn about each other, but engage in discussions, opinions and expand their own interests at the same time. Once you see the results saying My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read will be something to look back at and laugh since your children will enjoy reading with you.
My Kid Doesn't Like To Read

Best Advice If My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read

The Adventures of Jack and Milo

This makes reading and learning a group effort and helps a child to find fun, love and acceptance through books.  It teaches them to not only love reading but learning as well.  It will help them with their more active interests and give them incentive to continue to strive to excel through the exploits of others.  Historical figures and events often trigger a child to want to be like their hero or heroine.  Reading about them makes these figures come alive and helps to keep your child interested and engaged even as they grow and mature.  Even though they may not play sports for a living, they may become a sports writer or work as a team doctor!  Your child who loves to travel may end up as a tour guide in Hawaii or have their own travel agency!
If you find yourself saying My Kid Doesn’t Like To Read, then find out what makes your child tick.  Think about what they’re drawn to and what they talk about and then find the books and reading materials that will help them to know more about that interest and you will see a child that looks forward to reading a bedtime story.  It’s not always about things that go bump in the night or how Horton heard a Who.  It’s about what your child wants to read and if you honestly don’t know, and all you have to do is ask them!

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